Nepal National Teachers' Association
Lalitpur, Nepal

  • Establishment: 1979, registered under the educational act of that time.
  • Registration:

Nepal National Teachers' Organization now has been registered under the by laws of Trade Union 2049 (First Amendment, 2055), Article (4) and clause (2) of Labor and employment promotion department, Labor and Transport Management Ministry, Government of Nepal.

  • Correspondence address:

Nepal National Teachers' Association

Office of the central Committee
Purnachandi, Kumaripati, Lalitpur
P.O. BOX : 107, Lalitpur
Phone No : 977-01-5527481
Fax No : 977-01-5538418
Email : nnta@hons.com.np

Membership strength :

a Life Member : 5000 +
b. Total membership: 70000 +
c. Male: 38190   
d. Female membership: 18810

Types of Membership:

a.General membership
b. Life membership
c. Honorary Membership.


NNTA envisions making NNTA a "strong, independent and active Teachers' union" in the nation by bringing all the teachers' professionals under the same banner so   as to consolidate the trade union movement of the teachers.


In order to make the vision of the organization real , NNTA has Following mission which are to be achieved through the sincere initiation of our organization:

      • To make sincere effort and enough initiation for the unity among the teachers and the teachers' organization in the country.
      • To increase the new leadership especially the women up to 33% at the central leadership.
      • To establish a teachers' cooperative for the benefit of the teachers.
      • To make lobbying for the establishment of Teachers' Commission as the constitutional body in order to recruit quality teachers through one door policy.
      • To ensure quality education.
      • To maintain a harmonious relationship between teachers' parents and students.
      • To build a teachers memorial building at the central office of the NNTA.
      • To form an educational policy and to encourage government to implement it.

 Goals: NNTA bears the following goals to achieve the vision of the organization:

      • Acquire, protect and promote the professional right and the well-being of all the teachers and officials of the school in the country and to get them dutiful in their  jobs and work place.
      • Develop fair, creative, scientific and consolidated education environment and professional skills.
      • Protect and promote national freedom, individuality, sovereignty, academic and organizational freedom, human rights and democracy.
      • Exchange experience with other professional organizations and institutions of the globe and EI and other national organizations by establishing bilateral relationship so as to develop solidarity in teachers' trade union movement.

Aims and Objectives:

          The aims and objectives of the NNTA are:

  • to further the professional rights  of all level and kind of  teachers and education employees, to promote the status, interests and welfare of NNTA's members, and to defend their trade union and professional rights;
  • to promote the professional and trade union rights of all teachers , non teaching staffs and educational employees , to protect their rights and thereby to remain active to enhance such rights for ever;
  • to seek and maintain fair educational environment , to make the teaching environment creative and to make it enhanced ;
  • to work actively so as to invent better civic national character of the nation by maintaining a harmonious relation between and among all the stake holders of education including teachers , parents and students .
  • to support and promote human rights and democratic norms and values and to be determined to establish the democratic culture  and to  put enough effort in protecting and promoting them.
  • to be active in building harmonious relations with other teachers' organizations , trade union centers through cooperation and coordination on the of sharing   experiences and to raise the international relation to maintain global solidarity and mutual cooperation  among all the teachers' organizations ,especially with EI –Education International and STF –SAARC Teachers' Federation ;
  • to give emphases on imparting the education based on the national needs , international scenario and people expectations and to establish  practical , productive and free quality education system so as to make the nation prosperous in education and academic as well.
  • to make teachers responsible and accountable towards their profession and to encourage teachers for the effective teachings ;
  • to remain active in  developing   educational, intellectual , moral , physical , economical ,social and cultural strength of all the teachers' education employees and non teaching staffs ;
  • to build solidarity and mutual cooperation among and between all professional organizations and trade unions ; to create an environment of sharing experiences so as to enhance mutual cooperation and progress and to take initiative in making a single union of teachers by working as an affiliate member with TUN ;
  • to establish teachers fixed fund and welfare fund ;
  • to promote the rights of the retired teachers as well.


Due to the ceaseless struggle of NNTA we have made following achievements which are beneficial for the teachers and education as well.

      • Establishment of Teachers' recorded office.
      • Establishment of teacher' pension and its regularization.
      • Provision for medical allowance and systematization of other benefits like leave, on duty study leave and many others like family allowence.
      • Organizational freedom.
      • Collective bargaining rights.
      • Reservation for the recruitment of women teachers in the primary schools.
      • Time bound promotion.
      • Establishment of Teachers' service commission in Education act.
      • Provision for teachers' insurance.
      • Rectification of ILO convention No 169.
      • Formation of code of ethics /code of conduct for teachers
      • Formation of Education Policy.
      • Provision for making Para- teachers permanent two times 036,048.
      • Deceleration of killed teachers' as the teachers' Martyrs. 

 Organizational structure:

NNTA, currently has the following organizational structure:
 National conference
Central Committee  ( Female 16, Male 29)
National Council Assembly (104 female, 146 male)
Regional coordination committee
Zonal committees
District committee
District council /assembly
Constituent level regional committee
Area committee
Village /metropolitan committee
School committee –unit

(In order to upgrade, facilitate and manage the district activities, district committee of the concerned districts shall be able to form constituent committee /village committee/metropolitan committee, containing not more than 9 members, comprising of 2 women member compulsorily)

International affiliation:

 NNTA has established a sound international relation with the following organizations:

      • First member to the WCOTP from Nepal.
      • Charter member to EI
      • Affiliation with NL, CTF
      • Solidarity with all the organizations affiliated with EI.

National affiliation for joint trade union movement:

NNTA has a working relationship with the National trade union centers and professional organizations in Nepal. They are:

CWIN for child rights


Involvement in social work/activities:

NNTA along with its trade union issues it is strongly involved in the following social issues:

Child right, Awareness campaign against Girls' trafficking, EFA,EFAIDS, Gender Equity, Quality education , Girls' education , MPB rights and  Minority rights.


 NNTA has the following threats that are to be addressed soon. The main threats are:

  • Para-teachers problem.
  • Mushrooming of teachers' organizations.
  • Alarming insecurity of teachers in life, jobs and property.
  • Privatization in education.
  • Insufficient fund in education.
  • Scarcity of text books in the remote part of the country.
  • Scarcity of quality teachers.
  • Gender discrimination and other discrimination.
  • Drop out in schools.
  • Handling down the management of public schools to the community.
  • Political intervention.
  • Absenteeism

Background information:

NNTA was established in 1979 during the Nationwide Teachers' movement. It is the first organization of teachers' and has been a well known professional association in Nepal and in other countries as an old member of WCOTP and charter member of Educational International. It has 70 thousand members. The life member of this organization is 5000. NNTA has its' own central office building at the center of the nation and has structural network in each and every schools of the nation. Almost 75 % of the total district committee of NNTA has their own land and building whereas 25 districts have their own land for the office purpose.

NNTA as the charter members of EI has devoted its concerns to EI policy and strategy on global issues like EFA, HIV AIDS, COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, ILO / UNESCO RECOMMENDATION, GENDER EQUITY and MINORITY RIGHTS to gain global stature in trade union movement. NNTA envisions raising the status of the Nepalese teachers as per the ILO/ UNESCO recommendation and social dignity as well to make teachers responsible towards their profession and quality education so that they can be a social weapon to combat against HIV AIDS, every type of discrimination, poverty and indifference to EFA goals. NNTA as such has set up some goals to encourage and promote women leadership to hold key posts in the unions, to abolish child labor to secure their rights to education, to formulate an education Policy by the teachers, for the teachers and to the      teachers, to get the collective bargaining status of the unions secured ,to get the government ready to form a constitutional body to regularize the recruitment in teaching profession through one –door policy, to increase the number of female teachers in the schools, to reduce absenteeism by 90 % with in three years time, to implement code of conduct and code of ethics strictly in all work places and to end discrimination of all types.

New provision for women leadership in amended constitution of NNTA

NNTA‘s new amended constitution has offered a substantial space for the development of women leadership by letting them enough exposure legally. Some of the new provision made in the constitution is given below:

Provision for CC:

Women Vice President – 01 (old provision)
Women Joint Secretary – 01 (New)
W. Assistant Treasure - 01 (New)
CCM Women   - 05 (New)
Woman for ethnic, Dalit,-02 (New)
Women CCM, representing retired teachers – 01 (New)
Women advisor     - 01 (Old Provision)

Provision for DC:

Women Vice President – 01 (old provision)
Women Joint Secretary – 01 (New)
W. Assistant Treasure - 01 (New)
DCM Women     - 02 (New)
Woman for ethnic, Dalit,-01 (New)
Women DCM, representing retired teachers – 01 (New)

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